Worship Services

Mass Schedule

All Masses and Public Worship Services Are Suspended Due to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Once the restrictions are lifted we will resume services as listed below:

There are currently 2 Masses each Sunday:
8 AM Low Mass which is a spoken service and is held in the Lady Chapel to the right side of the church as you enter.  This is a quieter service with no music.

10 AM Missa Cantata or Sung Mass which is celebrated at the high altar in the main body of the church.  This service makes use of the organ, choir, incense and bells.

How long are the services?

Our primary Sunday service, the Sung Mass is about an hour and a half. Other services may be a bit longer - but never long enough for those who are truly worshiping God. 

It has been said that our services are a bit longer than a soap opera without all of the corruption or commercials.

Receiving Holy Communion

Anglican practice and Catholic Tradition teach us that baptism and confirmation by a bishop in succession to the Apostles are among the requirements for a regular and frequent reception of Holy Communion. We should not only be free from serious sin (the remedy for serious sin is a sincere confession), but be "in love and charity wtih our neighbour."

For those who are able to do so, ancient practice directs us to receive the Blessed Sacrament fasting.

For more information on receiving the holy Eucharist please come early and speak to the priest prior to the Mass.

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Additional Information

All Masses make use of the American edition of the Anglican Missal.  As much as possible we endeavor to provide a detailed Mass booklet to help worshipers follow along. 

Other services:

We also offer other services like morning prayer (Matins), evening prayer (Vespers), and occasional services such as baptism and matrimony.  These services are conducted according to the usage of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.


St. Mary of the Angels has a rich heritage of classical choral music and we have one of the finest organist/choirmaster in the country.  In addition, our hymns are commonly selected from the 1940 Hymnal - timeless hymns that you know and love!